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Made with real 18k gold & stainless steel guarantees color will never fade or tarnish! And we back it up with our lifetime color warranty!

Shower, go to the gym, live your life to the fullest. The color remains perfect.

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Why Shop With Us?
Why Shop With Us?
Nerissa Gold Shell & Green Bead Necklace
Nura Pearl 18K Gold Necklace
Miela Layered Chain Necklace
Layered Disc Necklace
Mini Curved Gold Hoops
Cordelia Gold Tennis Bracelet
Twisted 18K Gold Bracelet
Crystal Letter Charm Necklace
Eternity Hoop Earrings
Green Crystal Athena Necklace
Bubble Letter Necklace
Letter Heart Necklace
Gold Wave Ring
Layered Alana Gold & Stone Necklace
Birthstone 18K Gold Rings
Gold Multi-Layered Chain Necklace
Twisted Gold Bracelet
Classic Freshwater Pearl Ring
Forever Love & Letter Gold Necklace
Gold Letter Heart Necklace
Vienna Layered Chain Necklace
Paperclip Gold Necklace
Adela Knot Necklace
Temi Pearl Necklace
Victoria Pearl Necklace
Niyah Bead Gold Chain Necklace
Infinity 18K Gold Twist Ring
Freshwater Lariat Drop Necklace
Eternity 18K Crystal Ring
Gigi Crystal 18K Gold Necklace
Onyx & White Stone Bracelet
Gold Rectangle Hoop Earrings
Sasha Multi-Colored Necklace
Summer Solstice Gold Ring
Riva Moonstone Pendant Necklace
Paperclip Gold Bracelet
18K Gold & Crystal Claw Earrings
Astria Zodiac Birthstone Necklace
Mother Of Pearl & Crystal Ring
Flower Power 18K Gold Necklace
Pia Gold Layered Bracelet
Calira Twisted Infinity Ring
Geometric Wave Gold Hoop Earrings
Madison Gold Hoop Earrings
Amalfi Turquoise Shell Necklace
Sarya Snake Chain Gold Necklace
Guiding Star Emerald Crystal Necklace
Cordelia Silver Tennis Bracelet
Mila Black Bead Necklace
Gigi Crystal 18K Gold Hoop Earrings
Heart Gold Hoops
Marissa Layered Gold Leaf Ring
Forever Love Heart Bracelet
Eva Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Dainty Crystal Layered Necklace
Emerald Beauty 18K Crystal Ring
Sarya Snake Chain Gold Bracelet
Midnight Star Onyx Necklace
Alexandra Layered Necklace
Kiya Layered Gold Ring
Talia Gold Hoop Earrings
Luna White Opal Gold Necklace
Marissa White Crystal Layered Ring
18K Gold Hand Chain Bracelet
Valentina Heart Necklace
Amethyst Stone Anklet
Silver Multi-Layered Chain Necklace
Luna Gold Bead Bracelet
Madison Gold Chain Bracelet
Figaro Gold Knot Chain Bracelet
Gold Elephant Necklace
Chunky Pearl 18K Gold Ring
Astrid Gold Ring
Isabella Chain Ring
Square Hoop & Pearl Drop Earrings
Mila Twist Gold Chain Necklace
Chiara Twist Snake Chain Necklace
Heart & Pearl Earrings
Kai 18K Gold Bracelet
Amari 18K Gold Disc Earrings
Emerald Beauty Hoop Earrings
Onyx Black Crystal Ring
Mila Twisted Gold Ring
Madison Silver Hoop Earrings
Heart & Paperclip Necklace
Forever Love & Letter Silver Necklace
Zodiac Coin Gold Necklace
Emerald Green Stud Earrings
Blooming Flower Pearl Earrings
Pia Silver Layered Bracelet
Golden Mia Croissant Hoop Earrings
Lily Crystal Hoop Earrings
Timeless Beauty 18K Crystal Ring
Azure Pendant Necklace
'Dreaming in the Clouds' Moon & Star Necklace
Lana Crystal Droplet Anklet
Layered Gold Star & Pearl Necklace
Sarya Snake Chain Silver Necklace
Sofia Pearl Stud Earrings
Lariat Crystal Drop Necklace
Flower Power Petal Drop Earrings
Wavey Pearl 18K Gold Ring
Kiya Layered Silver Ring
Midnight Pearl Bracelet
Mira Beaded Gold Anklet
Heart Silver Hoops
Layered Snake Chain Gold Anklet
Opal Gold Baguette Bracelet
Layla 18K Gold Layered Necklace
18K Gold Sunflower Ring
Aura Chain Gold Bracelet
Amelie Gold Butterfly Necklace
Ocean Blue Pendant Gold Necklace
'Falling For You' Reversible Heart Necklace
Mirabel Layered Necklace
Gigi Square Crystal Ring
Silver Rectangle Hoop Earrings
Alea Chain Necklace
Golden Luna Ring
Kai 18K Gold Necklace
Mila Twist Silver Chain Necklace
Silver Letter Heart Necklace
Hidden Treasure Crystal Hoop Earrings
Astrid Silver Ring
Emerald Cube Necklace
Love Is All Around Necklace
Freya Shell Gold Necklace
Venna Gold Chain Necklace
Gaia Layered Bracelet
Laila 18k Gold Pearl Necklace
Layered Silver Star & Pearl Necklace
Emerald Cube Earrings
Talia Silver Hoop Earrings
Panra 18K Gold Leaf Ring
Monica Crystal & Gold Chain Bracelet
Starburst Gold Coin Necklace
May Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Venus Heart Necklace
Twisted Silver Bracelet
Adelfa White Shell Hoop Earrings
Knotted Twist Gold Earrings
Ivory White Crystal & Gold Ring
Forest Green Crystal Ring
Sabrina Classic Round Pearl Ring
Naila Pearl Hoop Earrings
Amelia Pink Stone Necklace
Summer Bloom Leaf Ring
'Hug Me Forever' 18K Gold Ring
Mila Twisted Silver Ring
Ocean Blue Pendant Silver Necklace
Freya Shell Silver Necklace
Starry Moonlight Gold Ring
Pink Reya Chain Ring
Sarya Snake Chain Silver Bracelet
18K Gold Paper Clip Chain Anklet
Zodiac Coin Silver Necklace
Divya Pearl Earrings
Twisted Heart Necklace
Starburst Silver Coin Necklace
Melisa Pearl Gold Ring
Daughter of the Sun 'Kalindi' Necklace
April Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
August Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Zoey Chain Link Bracelet
November Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
October Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
June Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Felicity Crystal & Pearl Drop Earrings
Aria Purple & Gold Butterfly Earrings
Layered Gold & Crystal Wrap Ring
July Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
February Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Emerald Crystal & Gold Ring
Knotted Twist Silver Earrings
Trio Pearl Stud Earrings
Madison Rose Gold Chain Bracelet
January Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
March Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
September Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Imari Gold Wave Ring
Coraline Button Pearl Earringsi
December Birthstone 18K Gold Ring
Anaya Triple Gold Hoop Earrings
Mila White Bead Necklace
Kai Mini Pearl Ring
Mara Crystal Chain Earrings
Imari Silver Wave Ring
Anaya Triple Silver Hoop Earrings
Freshwater Pearl Bella Hoop Earrings